My world.

My world. My life. My secrets. My passion. My everything!

On my way too Odense!

Im in turkey and i dont wanna go home. This IS my home

My beautiful girl.

My beautiful girl.

Copenhagen <3

so, today i was in Copenhagen. Me and my friend Alexander took the train from the station half past seven this morning. Normally it takes about two hours by train, so we would be there at ten o’clock. But unfortunately there were errors with the trains, so we were there at eleven, and we had to reach a meeting in Copenhagen at ten o’clock. There was obviously nothing to do, and fortunately there was nothing wrong with us comming late. We ran all over town, and it really hurts when you have high heels on. We found the spot and went to the meeting. We got coffee, tea and a lot else. The idea of ​​our Copenhagen trip was that we were going there because we had to design our schools website. It was so cool that I was a part of it! We had talked some back and forth about how it should look like and came up with something simple and stylish. It took about an hour, and then we could do whatever we wanted.

So.. Alexander got me dragged to the Christiania. A place in Denmark, where people come and buy marijuana. I have never in my life experienced anything so disgusting. There were old men sleeping everywhere and i wonder whether they were dead. Alex said they were just high. We took the metro back to Copenhagen, and ate at Mac Donalds. Yay. The time was already three and Alexander would take the train home, so I let him do it. I was not finished with Copenhagen! When he took the train home, I went out to shop. I had bought myself a pair of black pants that I'm really happy about. I think I was in the Gucci shop in just over an hour. A woman who worked there, would tell me all about Gucci's origin, and I let her do it. One of my friends from there would meet me to say hello, so I waited for him in the center of town. Suddenly I saw Naser Khader. A former minister or something like that in Denmark. I took a picture with him, and felt cool. The rest of the day, me and my friend sat in La Grotte, and smoked hookah. La Grotte is a hookah cafe there, and I love it. there’s Arabic music, everything is beautiful, and of course the best: hookah.


My life

So many things have changed. Every day that passes, something new happens. I lose one, and another comes into my life again. I cry and smile at the same time. I often wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I’m constantly finding a fault. Ranging from appearance to personality. All my life I’ve changed myself. Hair color, eye color, color, everything. I am so tired of everything right now. the only thing that keeps me up, is my girls around me. Without them, I’m nothing. Theese days goes so slow. It's the same every day. I’ve got the worst relationship with my mom, and everything just goes wrong. Can’t wait until I move to Aarhus. Everything is planned, and I’m ready.

Besides, I’ve gotten better. Have learned what the word forgiveness means and how long it takes to forgive. I’m certainly not ready.

Today I had a really long conversation that ended in chaos.
It started’ like this: ”everybody must have respect for ALL women. whether they are trained, or whether they are whores or whatever they are. because each individual woman can become a mother. and where is paradise? - under the mother’s feet.”

There were a lot who said that a whore did’nt deserve respect, and then I jumped in. Not because I think it’s okay, it’s really disgusting, But everyone deserves respect.

“Every man is sinful, and the best among the sinners are those who repent” so says Allah’s messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Allah warns us against being so defeatist, no matter how large, fatal or cross our mistakes have been.

In the end, i got right.

All new.

New number, new Iphone, new hair, new everything. A new start.
Yes, it do hurt, but i’m over you. My life has started over.

Miss my red hair a little bit now..

Miss my red hair a little bit now..


Today was a great day! One of my close girlfriends from Aarhus passed kolding today with Linda and Heba. Was so happy!! Tomorrow I’m going to Copenhagen. I’m going to use money, a lot of money. Smoke hookah, and otherwise just relaxing. And even better, explore whole Copenhagen.